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heritage and authenticity

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The Creators of Hiro Red and Hiro Blue have been inspired by their love of Japanese Sake and by the enduring story of Hiroemon Takeda- renowned Samurai and Japanese Sake connoisseur.

In honor of both, the man and his legacy recipe, we have adhered to the same exact standards that he insisted upon. We have endeavored to create our own Japanese Sake legacy, Hiro Junmai (Red) and Hiro Junmai Ginjo (Blue) that will simultaneously celebrate the ancient traditions and expand those same traditions into new,welcoming cultures.

Hiro Sake is made in the city of Murakami, in the Niigata Prefecture. Niigata’s respected artisans produce crisp and dry Japanese Sake, rice crackers, woodcrafts, and textiles such as knitwear and silk fabric. Niigata is blessed with a rich natural environment that has nurtures its fertile land. It has a long and varied coastline as well as many mountains and rivers, some of which are parcels of national parks. In fact, Niigata Prefecture boasts the second largest land area devoted to natural parks in all of Japan.